Caring For Your Skin During the Winter

            Do you notice that your skin is more dry, irritated and flaky in the winter months? Is your skin not looking and feeling its best? Don’t let the cold weather hold you down because of the harsh conditions that deplete your skin of all its moisture. Protect your skin from the cold, frigid winter with the right products to ensure healthy, glowing skin all year round!

            Since the weather includes a lack of moisture in the air, this causes irritation and dryness. Living here in the North, we are no strangers to the awful winter conditions that cause us to crank up the heat; however, this is causing even more damage to our skin that is already suffering because of the outdoor temperatures. This dries your skin out even more and takes away the essential moisture that our skin so desperately needs in the winter months!

            A hot shower may seem like the go-to after shoveling snow; however, this will only just worsen your dry skin and cause more irritation. Showering and washing your hands in luke warm water is the best option to lock in moisture. Also, moisturizing with lotion after showering and washing your hands will maintain moisture, softness and soothe the irritation. While working on your skin from the outside, be sure to drink plenty of water during the winter to hydrate your body from the inside out! Lastly, be sure to choose products that can protect your skin through the winter by restoring and retaining moisture, such as ZO Skin Health. These products are incredibly effective by adding moisture and protecting your skin from irritants in the environment. They include unique formulas and delivery systems that restore your skin’s health and keep it radiant all year round!

            Now that you have the tools and knowledge to protect yourself from the cold Winter, get out there and embrace it! Enjoy the holidays and look absolutely radiant by using our tips along with ZO Skin Health products.